Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meet The Parents/Earth Girls Are Easy/Two Girls And A Guy

Meet The Parents
Rated: PG-13
Stars: Robert De Niro/Ben Stiller/ Teri Polo
Runtime:108 Mins.

Meet the parents is a comedy, that was released in 2000. It is basically a movie about a boyfriend (Played By Stiller) meeting (Polo's on Screen Parents) De Niro and Stiller I feel hold all the comedic ties to this movie. I really think that this is the funnest one out of the trilogy of The meet the parent's movies (Meet The Parents, Meet The Fockers, Little Fockers.) At the start the "Focker" joke was funny, but now 11 years later, I am sort of getting tired of it, but believe me, I will still watch the rest that they manage to cram out into society.

If you want to see one of these movies, I recommend this one. It is by far the most original and funniest out of the bunch.

I just bought it on for $3.50.

I Give This Movie 3.5/5 Stars

Earth Girls Are Easy
Rated: PG
Stars: Geena Davis/Jeff Goldblum/Jim Carey/Damon Wayans
Runtime:99 Mins.

I have always loved this campy cult classic. It stars Geena Davis as Valarie as a valley girl who is going to marry the man of her dreams, all until she finds out that he is cheating on her. She is very depressed, but decides that she can still go on with the wedding, or can she? As she is contemplating, a group of aliens land their spaceship in her pool and a musical high-jinx continues. An interesting fact about this movie is Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum were married during the filming of this movie....... I recommend it, especially if you like comedies/musicals.

Got This Movie at An Indoor Garage Sale for $2
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I give this movie 4.5 Stars /5 Stars

Two Girls And A Guy
Rated: R
Stars: Robert Downey Jr./ Heather Graham/Natasha Gregson Wagner
Runtime: 84 Mins.

This movie is very quirky and weird. It is very interesting to go back and look at movies that you enjoyed as a younger person, I used to enjoy this movie a lot as a teen, but now, I really don't like this much, I mean it is an okay movie, but there isn't a lot of story line to it all. It is a movie about a man (Downey) who is away on business, then we see two women (Wagner/Graham) waiting outside an apartment complex and they both put two and two together, and realize that they are waiting for the same boyfriend. Downey comes home, and somewhat chaos ensues, but to today's standards, the chaos is somewhat tame and boring.

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I Give it 2.5 Stars/5 Stars

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