Sunday, October 16, 2011

Terri, Worth A Watch Or Not????

How Many Stars? 2/5
How Did I Obtain It? Purchased On Blu Ray For $21.99

Terri, I went into this movie with High expectations, and
I was disappointed. Then again, I really didn't care for Cyrus. I need
to learn a lesson, I like John C Reilly in Comedies, but not Serious
movies that have a touch of comedic value. I really wanted to like this movie,
but I didn't really care less for it in the end. If you are watching this for possible
comedic value, don't waste your time, If you are looking for a quirky independent,
this may just be your cup of tea. I like movies that are independents like
"Love Actually," but I don't like independents that come out of left field with
plots that I never anticipated. I did like Creed Bratton (The Office's Creed)
in the role of Terri's uncle, but there wasn't enough of him
in the movie to completely change my views on it.
Terri is a very unique movie and most will not appreciate it, I really didn't,
however, I feel that this movie could find it's niche with others who will love it.
I guess, I am not their target audience. I guess I would say,
give it a try if there is nothing else you are wanting to rent available.

The Wedding Singer
Rated: Unrated

I love this movie, and have seen it oh so many times.
It is the perfect movie to watch when you are looking for
a laugh, or just something to pass the time with, you cannot go wrong
with this movie. Sandler and Barrymore are at their absolute best,
and I have to say that this is on my top 10 list.

This movie has the right amount of music and dialogue without
becoming a musical, I appreciate that. This movie is a blast into the 80's
and it is very enjoyable. Sometimes, I will pop in this movie just
to listen to the music that is featured throughout.

This movie is about a wedding singer (Sandler) and a waitress (Barrymore)
and how they get to know each other through working
together at a banquet hall at Weddings & Other events.

How Many Stars?

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Got For Free W/ Warner Rewards Points

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Horrible Bosses
Rated: Unrated

Loved, loved, loved this movie. I thought that this movie
was extremely funny and fun and I really enjoyed it.
My favorites were Charlie Day and Jason Bateman.
Who doesn't have a horrible day or two? Well the main characters
have horrible days every day working for their "Horrible Bosses"
we have Bateman who works for a Psycho boss who treats him like dirt.
Spacey plays Bateman's horrible boss superbly. I really enjoyed the interactions
between these two, but throughout the movie I was rooting for Bateman to get revenge.
We then have Day and Aniston as A Man eater. She really surprised me in this
role, I wasn't sure she would pull it off based on her previous work,
but she did a really good job. Finally we have Colin Farrell and Sudekis.
I enjoy Farrell's contributions to this storyline, but Sudekis was quite boring.
I definitely recommend this to those looking for a good comedy to watch.

How Many Stars????

How Did I Get This Movie???
Purchased Off Amazon on Blu Ray Combo
For $24.99
Scary Movie 3
Rated: Unrated

Well, this movie is not one of my favorites of the four
Scary Movies that are out to date. It is my least favorite actually.
This one goes into the ring, 8-mile, signs, and a few other random movies.
What I think I didn't really care for in this movie, is the lack of
some of my former favorites that were featured in the previous movies.
Plus, Scary Movie 3 highlights movies that are not my favorites.
So looking at all of that, I am not going to score this one that high.

How Many Stars????
2/5 Stars

How Did I Get This Movie???
Purchased at Target on Blu Ray for $5
Scary Movie 2
Rated R

I know most people cannot stand this series, but I for one think that
they are quite hilarious! I love the second one maybe even more than the
first, probably because it is based mainly upon the movie "The Haunting."
Anna Ferris is again hilarious as our title character Cindy and pretty much
all the main characters are back too. I say this is at least worth a rental if
you have already seen the first one and liked it. I always try to watch as many horror
movies as I can around this time of year, and I would also
recommend to all ofyou that AMC is starting their Monster Fest
on Sunday (Today) with the premier
of Season 2 of The Walking Dead, another show that I love!!!

How Many Stars would I give this movie??
3.5/5 Stars

How Did I Get The Movie?
Purchased At Target on Blu Ray for $5

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fever Pitch/My Life/Blast From The Past

Fever Pitch
Stars: Drew Barrymore/Jimmy Fallon
Runtime: 103 Mins.

This is a romance movie with a splash of comedy added for good measure. Drew Barrymore stars as a successful business woman who falls for a teacher she meets through a special field trip he sets up to her office. We find out that the teacher (Fallon) loves the Red Sox and Barrymore being so busy with work, actually doesn't mind his obsession with the team. They get closer and will it start to bug her???? Fever Pitch is a movie with a lot of elements to it, while I enjoyed the movie for the 103 mins, I wasn't in love with it or as happy with it as I was with Barrymore's recent movie "Going The Distance." If you are looking for a romance movie with Barrymore, I recommend "Going the distance" or "Never Been Kissed." Both I feel have a far better story line and they don't seem as long, when in all actuality both are actually longer than Fever Pitch.

I Give this Movie a 2/5 stars

I Paid $3.00 On Amazon For This Movie

My Life
Stars:Michael Keaton/Nicole Kidman
Runtime: 117 Mins.

Need a good tear-jerker? I would recommend "My Life" to you especially if you like Keaton and Kidman. Both are at their very best in this Drama. It is about a man who tapes videos for his soon to be born baby, because he is told that he is going to die. That's in a nutshell what My Life is about, without giving any important and integral parts of the plot away. I have seen this movie numerous times, and it still gets me every time and I know what's going to happen, I seen it oh so many times, but I enjoy it.

I paid $3.78 For This Movie On Amazon
I Give "My Life" 4/5 Stars

Blast From The Past
Rated: Pg-13
Stars: Brendan Fraser/Alicia Silverstone
Runtime:112 Mins.

Blast from the past is a romantic comedy. It is a movie about a family that lives in a underground bomb shelter and they have to face "The New World," to get more supplies after what they had brought down with them has been depleted. They send their son Adam (Fraser) up to get the supplies and his father tells him that if he meets a young lady that is nice to bring her on down with the supplies. Adam faces this new world and learns lots of things, and eventually meets Eve (Silverstone) who he employees to help him collect his supplies for his family. So does Adam find love in "The New World?" This movie is a lot of fun and was a breeze to watch compared to the other two above, which were sappy and at times, boring. Blast from the past is truly what the name says, a blast from the past, watching this movie takes me back to a time way back and it's a good ride for the close to two hours we are watching it.
3.5/5 stars

I Paid $5.99 on Amazon

Meet The Parents/Earth Girls Are Easy/Two Girls And A Guy

Meet The Parents
Rated: PG-13
Stars: Robert De Niro/Ben Stiller/ Teri Polo
Runtime:108 Mins.

Meet the parents is a comedy, that was released in 2000. It is basically a movie about a boyfriend (Played By Stiller) meeting (Polo's on Screen Parents) De Niro and Stiller I feel hold all the comedic ties to this movie. I really think that this is the funnest one out of the trilogy of The meet the parent's movies (Meet The Parents, Meet The Fockers, Little Fockers.) At the start the "Focker" joke was funny, but now 11 years later, I am sort of getting tired of it, but believe me, I will still watch the rest that they manage to cram out into society.

If you want to see one of these movies, I recommend this one. It is by far the most original and funniest out of the bunch.

I just bought it on for $3.50.

I Give This Movie 3.5/5 Stars

Earth Girls Are Easy
Rated: PG
Stars: Geena Davis/Jeff Goldblum/Jim Carey/Damon Wayans
Runtime:99 Mins.

I have always loved this campy cult classic. It stars Geena Davis as Valarie as a valley girl who is going to marry the man of her dreams, all until she finds out that he is cheating on her. She is very depressed, but decides that she can still go on with the wedding, or can she? As she is contemplating, a group of aliens land their spaceship in her pool and a musical high-jinx continues. An interesting fact about this movie is Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum were married during the filming of this movie....... I recommend it, especially if you like comedies/musicals.

Got This Movie at An Indoor Garage Sale for $2
but..... You can buy on Amazon for about $6.

I give this movie 4.5 Stars /5 Stars

Two Girls And A Guy
Rated: R
Stars: Robert Downey Jr./ Heather Graham/Natasha Gregson Wagner
Runtime: 84 Mins.

This movie is very quirky and weird. It is very interesting to go back and look at movies that you enjoyed as a younger person, I used to enjoy this movie a lot as a teen, but now, I really don't like this much, I mean it is an okay movie, but there isn't a lot of story line to it all. It is a movie about a man (Downey) who is away on business, then we see two women (Wagner/Graham) waiting outside an apartment complex and they both put two and two together, and realize that they are waiting for the same boyfriend. Downey comes home, and somewhat chaos ensues, but to today's standards, the chaos is somewhat tame and boring.

Bought On Amazon for $4

I Give it 2.5 Stars/5 Stars