Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fever Pitch/My Life/Blast From The Past

Fever Pitch
Stars: Drew Barrymore/Jimmy Fallon
Runtime: 103 Mins.

This is a romance movie with a splash of comedy added for good measure. Drew Barrymore stars as a successful business woman who falls for a teacher she meets through a special field trip he sets up to her office. We find out that the teacher (Fallon) loves the Red Sox and Barrymore being so busy with work, actually doesn't mind his obsession with the team. They get closer and will it start to bug her???? Fever Pitch is a movie with a lot of elements to it, while I enjoyed the movie for the 103 mins, I wasn't in love with it or as happy with it as I was with Barrymore's recent movie "Going The Distance." If you are looking for a romance movie with Barrymore, I recommend "Going the distance" or "Never Been Kissed." Both I feel have a far better story line and they don't seem as long, when in all actuality both are actually longer than Fever Pitch.

I Give this Movie a 2/5 stars

I Paid $3.00 On Amazon For This Movie

My Life
Stars:Michael Keaton/Nicole Kidman
Runtime: 117 Mins.

Need a good tear-jerker? I would recommend "My Life" to you especially if you like Keaton and Kidman. Both are at their very best in this Drama. It is about a man who tapes videos for his soon to be born baby, because he is told that he is going to die. That's in a nutshell what My Life is about, without giving any important and integral parts of the plot away. I have seen this movie numerous times, and it still gets me every time and I know what's going to happen, I seen it oh so many times, but I enjoy it.

I paid $3.78 For This Movie On Amazon
I Give "My Life" 4/5 Stars

Blast From The Past
Rated: Pg-13
Stars: Brendan Fraser/Alicia Silverstone
Runtime:112 Mins.

Blast from the past is a romantic comedy. It is a movie about a family that lives in a underground bomb shelter and they have to face "The New World," to get more supplies after what they had brought down with them has been depleted. They send their son Adam (Fraser) up to get the supplies and his father tells him that if he meets a young lady that is nice to bring her on down with the supplies. Adam faces this new world and learns lots of things, and eventually meets Eve (Silverstone) who he employees to help him collect his supplies for his family. So does Adam find love in "The New World?" This movie is a lot of fun and was a breeze to watch compared to the other two above, which were sappy and at times, boring. Blast from the past is truly what the name says, a blast from the past, watching this movie takes me back to a time way back and it's a good ride for the close to two hours we are watching it.
3.5/5 stars

I Paid $5.99 on Amazon

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