Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scary Movie 2
Rated R

I know most people cannot stand this series, but I for one think that
they are quite hilarious! I love the second one maybe even more than the
first, probably because it is based mainly upon the movie "The Haunting."
Anna Ferris is again hilarious as our title character Cindy and pretty much
all the main characters are back too. I say this is at least worth a rental if
you have already seen the first one and liked it. I always try to watch as many horror
movies as I can around this time of year, and I would also
recommend to all ofyou that AMC is starting their Monster Fest
on Sunday (Today) with the premier
of Season 2 of The Walking Dead, another show that I love!!!

How Many Stars would I give this movie??
3.5/5 Stars

How Did I Get The Movie?
Purchased At Target on Blu Ray for $5

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