Saturday, October 15, 2011

Horrible Bosses
Rated: Unrated

Loved, loved, loved this movie. I thought that this movie
was extremely funny and fun and I really enjoyed it.
My favorites were Charlie Day and Jason Bateman.
Who doesn't have a horrible day or two? Well the main characters
have horrible days every day working for their "Horrible Bosses"
we have Bateman who works for a Psycho boss who treats him like dirt.
Spacey plays Bateman's horrible boss superbly. I really enjoyed the interactions
between these two, but throughout the movie I was rooting for Bateman to get revenge.
We then have Day and Aniston as A Man eater. She really surprised me in this
role, I wasn't sure she would pull it off based on her previous work,
but she did a really good job. Finally we have Colin Farrell and Sudekis.
I enjoy Farrell's contributions to this storyline, but Sudekis was quite boring.
I definitely recommend this to those looking for a good comedy to watch.

How Many Stars????

How Did I Get This Movie???
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