Sunday, October 16, 2011

Terri, Worth A Watch Or Not????

How Many Stars? 2/5
How Did I Obtain It? Purchased On Blu Ray For $21.99

Terri, I went into this movie with High expectations, and
I was disappointed. Then again, I really didn't care for Cyrus. I need
to learn a lesson, I like John C Reilly in Comedies, but not Serious
movies that have a touch of comedic value. I really wanted to like this movie,
but I didn't really care less for it in the end. If you are watching this for possible
comedic value, don't waste your time, If you are looking for a quirky independent,
this may just be your cup of tea. I like movies that are independents like
"Love Actually," but I don't like independents that come out of left field with
plots that I never anticipated. I did like Creed Bratton (The Office's Creed)
in the role of Terri's uncle, but there wasn't enough of him
in the movie to completely change my views on it.
Terri is a very unique movie and most will not appreciate it, I really didn't,
however, I feel that this movie could find it's niche with others who will love it.
I guess, I am not their target audience. I guess I would say,
give it a try if there is nothing else you are wanting to rent available.

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